At Myriad, we are dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life of patients through molecular and companion diagnostic tests across a variety of major diseases.

Over the years, countless people have shared their stories about how genetic testing has changed their lives or enabled them to make more informed decisions about their own healthcare, or the care of their loves ones, as a result of genetic testing. Here are just a few of the real patient stories that have inspired us in the work we do:

  • Heidi Blog Image Family 1 Heidi Believes in the Value of Genetic Testing - I have always felt lucky. My husband and I met in college when I was just 18 and were married shortly after graduation. We have an incredible relationship, a strong marriage and both of us come from loving families. We also have two wonderful daughters, and I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. We have an […]
  • Mary Blog Photo 1 Mary Survived Ovarian Cancer and Knows the Value of Genetic Testing - I never had a chance to meet my paternal grandfather, Eric. He was a handsome truck driver just like my Dad. In 1950, Eric had surgery to remove colon cancer at age 39. The operation went well and he was able to return to work. But the cancer returned eight years later and he lost […]
  • Prolaris-11x17-infographic A Story of Inspiration for Men’s Health Month - I recently had the honor of meeting Joe (his name has been changed to protect his privacy), a 70-year-old man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I asked him how he felt after learning he had cancer. He said the diagnosis gutted him and left him feeling hopeless and uneasy. As a husband and father, […]
  • Anne-Photo1-150x150 Anne’s Struggle with Ovarian Cancer Shows How Important It Is to Know Your Family’s Health History on Both Sides - There are moments in every life that have staying power. You’ll always know where you were when “it” happened. Sometimes these are collective shared memories, such as where you were on 9/11 or, for my parents’ generation, where they were when JFK was shot. At other times, the moment in question is more personal: where […]
  • Julie-and-Her-Family1-150x150 Ovarian Cancer Survivor Julie Talks about the Need for Genetic Testing - I think it is so important for me to tell my story — mostly because it is probably similar to other women’s stories, but also because it helps keep me focused on awareness and being an advocate for genetic testing. As Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day on May 8 approaches, I realize it was just 4 […]

Myriad Patient Ambassador Program

Myriad has a strong Patient Ambassador program. The Hereditary Cancer Champions are a coalition of men and women who are dedicated to the mission of increasing awareness of hereditary cancer risk. The role of each ambassador is to share their personal story about testing for a hereditary cancer syndrome. They do so for two reasons:

  • The first is to motivate people with a strong family history to take charge of their health by talking to their healthcare professionals about their personal risk and whether hereditary cancer testing is appropriate for them.
  • The second is to speak with healthcare professionals in order to reinforce the importance of hereditary cancer risk assessment for all of their patients.