Cancer Support Community's Red Ball

On Friday, October 19th representatives from Myriad had the distinct pleasure of attending the Red Ball in Manhattan, New York. The Red Ball is an evening of fun, dancing and shopping put on by The Young Leadership Council of the Cancer Support Community (CSC), an organization whose mission is “to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community”.  

CSC Red Ball

We were graciously invited to the event by Kim Thiboldeaux, President and CEO of CSC and Linda House, Executive Vice President, External Affairs.  It was an elegant evening powered by young professionals with amazing enthusiasm to enhance the efforts of CSC. These individuals are dedicated to advancing the cause of social and emotional support for people living with cancer by raising awareness and organizing philanthropic initiatives to benefit the Cancer Support Community. 

CSC Red Ball

It is a small world when one is able to meet the lead volunteer of the Red Ball event and then learn he is one of the newest members of the Myriad team! Meet Mike, Myriad’s new Account Executive in Manhattan on the Preventive Care team!

CSC Red Ball

About Mike’s bow tie; Bow Tie Cause provides an avenue for people to support individuals and organizations they believe in by rockin’ a signature Bow Tie. Click here to “like” the CSC Bow Tie!

CSC Red Ball

It seems appropriate to also mention The Tree of Life necklace which was available during the fundraising auction at the Red Ball. It symbolizes growth, healing and renewal. The small diamond chip represents love, strength and longevity. “Hope” and “Community” are words central to the Cancer Support Community’s work which is portrayed in this delicate work of art.

CSC Red Ball

This necklace is a limited edition of 200 pieces, signed and numbered by John Wind of Maximal Art.  You will soon be able to find these on the new “The Market Place” section of the Cancer Support Community website.

The energy of the Cancer Support Community is infectious. Their enthusiasm for cutting edge research, direct patient and caregiver services and their work in Washington, D.C to impact policy change makes them well positioned to change the face of the cancer experience to the patients, survivors and caregivers. Check out their website:

— Carolyn Dumond
Patient Education and Advocacy
Associate Product Manager, Oncology 

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